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Our Goal

With this website, the Idaho Period Positivity Coalition is bringing together any non-profit, organization, or individual that wishes to support period positivity across the State of Idaho. This “umbrella” website will provide a forum to connect with organizations across the state that promote period positivity and work towards ending period poverty. 


It is a place to share testimonials and programs that non-profits are implementing in addition to laying out a strategy to address and promote legislation for providing menstrual supplies in all 6th – 12th grade female and unisex bathrooms in the State of Idaho. We want to provide easy “link” access to all participating non-profits and organizations so anyone can find volunteer opportunities, donation requests, or mailing list sign-ups. 

An additional goal is that this website will be SHARED to expand our outreach across the state. Joining hands virtually to address all aspects of providing menstrual care across the state can be accomplished together.

Keeping girls in school by supporting period positivity across the State of Idaho.
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