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Idaho Legislative News

House Bill 313 was introduced during the 2023 Idaho Legislative session that would require
schools to provide feminine hygiene products, free of charge, to all female students in sixth through
twelfth grades. Although national statistics plus statistics gathered by Days for Girls SW Boise and Idaho
Period Project proved that providing period products keeps girls in school, the bill failed in a 35-35 tie
vote on the House floor.

Representatives Representative Rod Furniss from Rigby (District 35) and Representative Lori McCann from Lewiston (District 6) will be introducing this bill in the 2024 Idaho Legislative session and our teams will testify for its passage yet again. However, we can already feel the conversation start to shift, with more and more counselors, nurses, principals and concerned parents advocating for the school girls of Idaho.

This page will provide legislative updates for this bill in the 2024 Idaho session.

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