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Keeping girls in school. 

Providing menstrual health and advocating for all girls and women.

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Menstruation is a normal and healthy part of life for most women. Roughly 26 percent of the global female population is of reproductive age. Most women menstruate each month for about two to seven days.

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Women have reported giving up their food stamps for money in order to buy tampons. And a 2021 study showed that 14% of college-attending women had experienced period poverty in that year.

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1 in 4 girls suffers from period poverty. Meaning they do not have the funds to purchase or access pads or tampons. Because of this, they cannot go to school or work and miss out on education and income.


Days for Girls advances menstrual health, dignity and opportunity for all.

Our SW Boise Idaho Chapter advocates for free menstrual products in 6th through 12th grade girls' bathrooms and have been conducting pilot programs since Fall of 2022 in 13 schools and 47 bathrooms, with more schools being brought on board monthly. 


Our mission is growing to provide free menstrual products in the workplace. We support Idaho University food pantries with menstrual products.  And we are supporting our local refugee population with Days for Girls Kits and health education.


In January 2022, IPP founder, Avrey Hendrix, saw the work being done with the Utah Period Project and immediately felt led to bring the fight against period poverty to Idaho. After many phone calls to friends and supportive school counselors and principals, it was apparent that there was an immense need.


With a very generous donation of $30,000 from the Upper Valley Child Advocacy Center, we were able to kick off our very first project: the installation of 83 Aunt Flow dispensers in the bathrooms of 32 schools throughout Eastern Idaho.


We continue to donate monthly period packs to schools for students to pick up as they need. We recently had our Inaugural Annual Pink Party which raised enough funds to provide a 3-month supply to over 1,000 girls living in Eastern Idaho.  Our program is possible because of community donations and grants.


In addition to the work mentioned, we are currently working on legislation with Southwest Boise Days for Girls that will ensure no girl in Idaho ever goes without necessary products while at school.

Frequently Asked Questions

I need assistance,
where can I get supplies?

We are happy to help! This is what we are here for. Please contact:  or call 208-495-6529

or call 208-351-7599

How can I talk to my school about getting free menstrual products in the girls' bathrooms?

One of the best resources is Aunt Flow, which provides templates, advocacy guides, videos, and common objection and concern responses for you to advocate for change at your school.  Of course, you can always talk to the Idaho Period Project or Days for Girls SW Boise for assistance. We are here to help!

I would like to help.
How can I sign up?

To learn more about the Idaho Period Positivity Coalition and how you can help, please fill out the "Contact" form at the bottom of the website.  We'll get right back to you!

Do you accept 
monetary donations?

Yes!  If you would like to donate, please use the QR code for the Idaho Period Project or Days for Girls SW Boise Chapter.  If you wish to donate by check, please fill out the "Contact" form or email either organization for further details. All funds received will be used to further keeping girls in school in Idaho and providing menstrual health and dignity for all girls and women.

Where can I find out
about local events?

Please visit our 'Events' page to learn what's happening in our community! You can also contact us directly. 

What is the state of
Idaho doing to help?

Bill H313 was introduced during the State of Idaho 2023 legislative session to require schools to provide menstrual products in the girls' bathrooms for grades 6 through 12.  It was narrowly defeated.  To follow legislation during the 2024 session, click on "About" at the top of the website to follow the link for all legislative news regarding supplying menstrual products in girls' bathrooms and for more info on how you can help get this important legislation passed.


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