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Normalize What's Natural

West Junior High School met with the Days for Girls Program this spring and immediately implemented the program. It has been an incredible success! Students have taken on the role of refilling the containers a few times each week and our parents have been supporting this program through donations.

I have told many people that I can't believe that in 33 years of being an educator no one, including myself, ever came up with this idea. It erases any embarrassment female students would have in coming to the nurse's office. It reduces time out of class. It normalizes physical maturation for middle school girls. It assists with families who may have financial needs. It just is the right thing to do.

I have already spoken with the district supervisor about adding this program to our agenda in August so that Molly McMillan (Counselor at South Jr. High School) and I can spread the word to others.

Also, I can't wait to volunteer with Days for Girls once I retire in a few more years.

Silvana M. Stoll Counselor, Class of 2028

West Junior High School

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