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Kismet Strikes Again!

Avrey with the Idaho Period Project had forwarded our Days for Girls Chapter an email from a young woman who attended Kimberly High. Mylee was interested in making sure that period products were provided in the girls’ bathrooms. Since Kimberly was closer for our team, we contacted Mylee.

However, we did not hear back from Mylee. And since Doneta and I were going to Twin Falls to deliver menstrual products to CSI, we emailed again and said that we could meet her before our meeting with CSI. Still nothing.

As fate would have it, Doneta and I were busy chatting and we missed the Twin Falls exit. The next exit? Kimberly. Doneta insisted we stop by the high school. We met Mylee. Discovered she had never received my emails (the infamous spam black hole…). Learned that Kimberly S.D. provides period products but girls had to go to the front desk if they needed them. Very embarrassing and inconvenient.

What they needed? A way to provide period products IN the bathroom. How many bathrooms? Two. How many containers did we happen to have in the car? Two. Plus signage to post with the containers of product.

Mylee is an engaging and determined young woman. She knew all about bill H0313 to put period products in 6th through 12th grade girls’ bathrooms in Idaho and she is on board to support that legislation. We are guessing all her friends will be involved soon.

By happy accident and Doneta's unwavering optimism, we met another advocate that is working hard to make sure that girls have period products IN the bathroom – where they are needed.

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