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Partnerships Are Important

United Women of United Way has become an important partner with our SW Boise Days for Girls team as we continue to expand pilot programs for FREE period products IN girls' bathrooms in middle and high schools across the State of Idaho. When a school has a Community School as part of its educational and community framework, our team has been donating Period Packs and hybrid DfG Kits. We also help implement a pilot program for free period products IN the girls' bathrooms.

Period Packs for Parma

Our new friend and partner, Susan Rohrbacher, the Family and Community Resource Coordinator in Parma, emailed us testimonials from two of the young women in her school and community. They clarify what we have been working towards all along -- these pilot programs are working!

“My mom hasn’t been able to take me shopping for feminine products in a while because they are expensive and we have a lot of other expenses as a family. So the period packs have been a lifesaver to me! Thank you Days for Girls! I’m glad I have somewhere to go when I need them.”

Pilot Program Containers and Signage

“My family has a house full of family members in it. My mom is taking care of not only her kids but others as well. So it’s nice that I can use the products that are donated by Days for Girls to our school, because it’s one less thing my parents have to worry about buying for me.” 

One of Susan's comments really touched me, "In my heart, I believe this program is inspired and those who are running it are exactly who needs to run it. Girls are empowered when they are a part of something. And this is something that ALL girls can relate to with each other on so many levels!"

Most young women use the period products as a backup when their period starts unexpectedly, or they forgot to restock their backpack. But it's a good reminder to realize there are many families that sometimes need a little extra help.

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