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This Is Why ...

… we do what we do. To provide our girls with dignity and educational equity. To stop the stigma of menstruation and the embarrassment it causes by having to go to the nurse or front office if you need a pad or tampon.

This was the question posed to students:

“If your school had feminine products that were FREE for you to take if needed, would this contribute to your wellbeing?”

“I wouldn’t have to skip class if I forgot stuff at home or ran out.”

~Idaho Falls High School

“There has been so many times where I or someone else has really needed a tampon or pad and ruined their clothes or used toilet paper because they couldn’t get a hold of one.”

~Clark County Schools

“Free products are better because some people hate asking because it is awkward.”

~Caldwell High School

“I wouldn’t be as anxious, if I had a pad available on an emergency basis.”

~Madison Middle School

“Education is incredibly important, and I don’t think females should be put at a disadvantage for something that they can’t control, suppress, or address.”

~Eagle Rock Middle School

~West Middle School, Nampa

“It would provide a sense of comfort and support.”

~Compass Academy Student

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