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Tis The Season of Giving

During this season of giving, please consider donating to either the Idaho Period Project or Days for Girls SW Boise ID Chapter.

Idaho Period Project is a grassroots nonprofit with a goal to end period poverty one cycle at a time. Our hope is that through our advocacy and work within the community with people like you, women and girls will have easier access to period supplies. The Idaho Period Project along with SW Boise Days for Girls is focused on passing legislation to ensure period products are IN girls' bathrooms. In addition to this, we donate period products for girls in need when they are away from school and do not have menstrual supplies.

The Days for Girls SW Boise ID Chapter makes washable, sustainable menstrual Kits for girls and women across the globe. We have also been focusing on implementing pilot programs in junior and senior highs to put period products IN girls’ bathrooms. These pilot programs dovetail with the work that the Idaho Period Project and our team are doing to promote menstrual products and health for our schoolgirls. Our Days for Girls Chapter also donates Kits to our local Agency for New Americans plus menstrual products to all but two (2) college and university food pantries across the State of Idaho.

The support we have received so far in our efforts to provide girls and women with menstrual support and equity has been overwhelming. Thank you so much for your continuing support.

You can Donate to the organization of your choice by pressing the DONATE button at the top of the website.

Happy Holidays!

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