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You CAN Learn New Tricks!

What is the saying? An old dog can't learn new tricks? Well, I beg to differ! This is Susan Thompson, co-leader of our SW Boise Days for Girls Chapter. Since I can't sew one little stitch, my job on our team is the communication, banking, social media, speaking engagements, and school setup for our pilot programs. And now website management and -- blogging! At 70 years old, I am now a blogger! And it so cool!

I get to share what the Idaho Period Project and our SW Boise Days for Girls Chapter is doing to promote menstrual equity for ALL Idaho girls and women. But really -- our passion is to support our young women.

This 16-year-old young woman from Fruitland is responsible for monitoring and restocking their period product containers. She texted her Mom recently, who is an educator at the school and who we worked with to implement their pilot program, this note:

(read... "period thing in the bathroom")

THIS is what makes all of this worthwhile! Knowing we are keeping girls IN class and IN school by simply putting containers of period products IN girls' bathrooms.

Both of our organizations are working toward this. Thank you for supporting our efforts.

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