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It's All in the Timing...

The tables were set, the linens were steamed, and big bright letters spelling out

P-I-N-K P-A-R-T-Y were the last detail to add to the night.

Michelle Barrott, owner of Alpha Lit of East Idaho, a longtime community member of Pocatello and co-owner of Big Dog Satellite, graciously donated these beautiful letters to make the night. She’s a gem! Her and I were visiting about the different schools that would benefit from the Pink Party proceeds. I mentioned to her that we had reached out to Pocatello schools in June of 2022 but hadn’t been able to get them on board. She excitedly shared a contact she had, Deanna Judy, a Pocatello-Chubbuck School District School board member.

It was a year later from when we had originally contacted Pocatello-Chubbuck School District. We now had our key contact, Deanna. We reached out to see if they would be interested in being part of the Pilot Project. This Pilot Project is of importance as we will receive feedback and statistics to show the need for period supplies in the bathroom. Deanna reached out to Susan Pettit, Director of Secondary Education, and Susan kindly said “yes” to this proposal.

A year later, the divine stars had finally aligned.

A big thank you to SW Boise Days for Girls who graciously donated containers and product for these Pilot Projects that are now in the following schools:

Franklin Middle School

Irving Middle School

Hawthorne Middle School

Century High School

New Horizon High School

Century High School already had period supplies in the bathrooms, thanks to a Student Club advocating for it. Sheryl Brockett, Principal of Century High spoke that they had not had any vandalism issues. She emphasized, “The need is evident in the way the girls treat the supplies.” We were happy to add 2 more bathrooms for their school’s needs.

To say it was a success in Pocatello-Chubbuck School is an understatement. They were full of gratitude, as were we, to be able to create this new partnership with them.

~Avrey, Idaho Period Project

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