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Just Like Toilet Paper

What if you went to the bathroom and really, really needed toilet paper. But the roll was empty. No reserve rolls. Panic, right? Now imagine you are in school, have started your period and you don't have a pad or tampon. Feels familiar, right?

That's how many young women feel when they start their period unexpectedly and do not have menstrual products in the bathroom at school. Unless they can hurriedly borrow from a friend or stranger, they must go to the school nurse for product. Perhaps wait in line. Miss more valuable class time.

Our Days for Girls SW Boise Chapter does NOT think this is right! Since fall of 2022, we have put FREE menstrual products IN the girls' bathrooms in 13 schools and 47 bathrooms in Canyon and Ada Counties. The results have been amazing -- from students to counselors to nurses to parents. We are currently in the process of adding more schools for the 2023 school year and expanding our reach to other districts in the State of Idaho.

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