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Legislative Change of Direction

Prior to the start of the 2024 Idaho legislature, the Idaho Period Project and several members of our Boise SW Days for Girls Chapter had conversations with key legislators regarding HB313, which was 2023 legislation to provide menstrual hygiene products in all 6th through 12th grade girls' bathrooms in the State of Idaho. After much reflection and discussion, we have decided to follow their advice and delay bringing this bill until the 2025 legislative session.

Are we disappointed? YES! Does this make sound political sense? YES!

We will use this year to expand our contacts and search for an organization or individuals who would be willing to fund the capital outlay of containers/dispensers. This is the method that Utah used to get their bill passed and several legislators have suggested we investigate this framework. The bill would then be revised for the State to regularly fund only period products.

Using a grant, the Idaho Period Project has already put 76 Go Aunt Flow free-vend dispensers in Southeast and Southcentral Idaho. Our SW Boise Days for Girls team is now in 26 schools and 80 bathrooms from Pocatello (thanks to the Idaho Period Project) to Potlatch with 23 additional schools identified for pilot programs.

One school at a time. That is how we plan to gather data and statistics to prove to Idaho legislators that providing our young women with free period products is vital to keeping girls in school and learning.

Benefits of this legislation include:

  • Provides necessary funding for schools to continually provide feminine hygiene products on a consistent basis – just as toilet paper and soap are supplied.

  • Helps with school funding through higher ADA (Average Daily Attendance).

  • Cost is low – only .002% of State budget - ~$3.50 per student per year.

  • Promotes wellbeing of students by reducing shame and embarrassment – something we hear at every school we visit.

Please call and email your legislators starting NOW to gain support for this important legislation.

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