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Packing for Periods

Ever wonder what vulnerable young women do if they get their period during a school break, like Thanksgiving or Christmas or Spring break?  Worry.  Fret.  Feel shame. Stressed out.


Along with girls and women in our community, we are doing something about this!  For Spring Break alone, we are distributing 205 Packs to schools – so far.


There have been three amazing groups that have put Pad Packs and Pad/Tampon Packs together over the past month.  Without their help, our team could not have kept up. 


The More the Merrier is a local group of philanthropic women that pick a charity to support every two months.  Fortunately they chose our SW Boise Chapter in February.  We asked them to supply the tampons, as those are hardest for us to

get.  And they brought so many we are using them to pack even more Period Packs and school bathroom containers!


A Treasure Valley JustServe group packed 50+ Packs during a Galentine’s Day of

Service.  Both Moms and daughters were involved in making a difference for our schoolgirls.


The Nampa Days for Girls team participated in the Nampa West Stake Women’s Conference.  As well as cutting and sewing and folding DfG components, they put together Period Packs as well.


Yes, it takes a village!  If you know a group that would like a service project, please let us know.  We appreciate the help. 

And let’s continue talking about providing our young women with free menstrual products IN their school bathrooms!  The only way we will make a change is by coming together to make a difference.

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