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The Power of WE

Days for Girls believes in the “Power of She” – it is on our t-shirts, raised in emails and evidenced by the over 3 MILLION Kits we have distributed in 149 countries – and counting. But it hit me today that the “Power of She” transcends into the Power of WE.

The collective power of believers in a cause has been transformative in the 20th and 21st century. Women won the vote. The civil rights movement for equality took hold. The #metoo social movement exposed sexual abuse and harassment.

These movements were hard won. Difficult. But made possible by people coming together to make a difference. And we can do the same.

A bill will be reintroduced in the Idaho Legislature this coming session to provide period products IN girls 6th through 12th grade bathrooms throughout the State of Idaho. As evidenced in national and local statistics, providing girls the means to take care of their period in the privacy of the bathroom without having to go to the nurse or front desk will give our girls dignity, health and educational equity.

It is time to make a difference. It is time to call or write your legislators. It is time to invoke the POWER OF WE.

Find your District with this link. Download the "Oh So Close" document for a sample call, text or email guide. Forward this information to friends and family who live in Districts that we need to move from NO to YES.

OH SO CLOSE Contact Legislator Scripts 09-21-23
Download PDF • 108KB

As one of my teammates recently said, “We can do anything.”

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