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Without a Sense of Caring, There Can Be No Sense of Community

JustServe Treasure Valley alerted our SW Boise Days for Girls team about a donation opportunity for period products. We contacted Reshma Kamal, a member of the Islamic Center of Boise, to see if we could help with donations. Yes, we could!

We donated ten (10) DfG Kits to see how washable Kits were accepted in their Community. We supplied DfG educational tri-folds to go along with the Kits in English, Dari, Swahili and Arabic. Along with the Nampa Days for Girls team, we will be able to donate lots more Kits! We also donated a large box of period products for the girls and women of their community.

Reshma shared this information about the ICB:

Islamic Center of Boise is a local mosque and a 501(c) non-profit organization serving the Treasure Valley of Idaho. Boise is a refugee location destination and about 96% of the ICB community members came to Idaho as refugees. We are home to a multi-ethnic community from different parts of the world.

Our mission is focused on education, civic engagement, community service, just action, respect, empathy, and equality for all mankind. ICB serves its community in the areas of community development, social integration and helping the most vulnerable.

It doesn’t matter what your race or religion is. It matters that we support each other as a community.

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